Vidalia detected that the tor software exited unexpectedly

If you are reading this, its because you have installed Tor and Vidalia in Ubuntu (or Debian) and found out that they do not play nice together.
You probably got an error:

Vidalia detected that the tor software exited unexpectedly.
Please check the message log for recent warning or error messages.

And you're probably wondering how to quickly fix this problem to get browse the Internet anonymously. A temporary solution is to type the following command in the terminal:

sudo killall tor

Restart Vidalia and it should work with tor like a charm. But the real problem is that every time you want to use tor with Vidalia, you will need to input that command in the terminal...

The Problem with tor and Vidalia
Upon installation, tor will automatically start-up when booting Ubuntu. When you open Vidalia, it will first check if there is an existing tor process and try to connect to the control port of tor. All we need to do is reconfigure tor so it allows Vidalia to connect and start using the tor process.